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CB1 Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle. When you wish to go additional, a lightweight Paddle makes all the big difference. This completely adjustable co2 shaft and blade weighs about only 600 grams.

The carbon fiber with this paddle is usually 3K Twill. This means that you will find 3000 filaments of carbon dioxide per follicle, and the co2 is woven in a twill pattern which can be attractive and strong.

Highest quality Materials

Real bamboo bedding. 1 Millimeter thick. Market leading.
Warmth embossed gemstone grooved deck pad simply by 3M to lessen board excess weight.
Embedded SUP handle simple transport.
3d fiberglass for any thicker effect resistant external skin with an increase of overall outer skin strength.
Ecofriendly epoxy botanical with 31 biological content material ASTM D6866 test.
Standing up layer of reinforced cup under the deck for additional support.
Premium kiln dried bamboo sheets veneer.
Drinking water based auto quality color.
FCS teather attachments and fin containers.

High Quality Building

Meal construction technique.
Vacuum bagging to reduce the quantity of epoxy and lighten the board.
Extra layer of fiberglass over the rails for added stiffness which usually guards against snapping in the event the board nasal area dives.
Digital machine framing for constant exact surrounding every time.
Accompanied by hand healthy diet for excellence.
Fin bins and SUP handle will be set in very dense foam prevents for added strength.
Skilled craftsmen 9. 5 Years on average.


Weight 1 43 pounds 600 grams
Complete carbon base
3K carbonfiberreinforced polymer blade protected in actual bamboo veneer
Teardrop knife shape.
Completely adjustable to fit paddlers based on a heights and stroke designs.
Minimum the whole length length one hundred and eighty cm or perhaps 70
Optimum shaft size 230 centimeter or 90
Blade Sizes 20. Five x fortynine cm or perhaps 8. 1 X nineteen. 3

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