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C1 Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle. The Wappa C1 is the lightest Paddle at only 640 grams, includes a fully flexible shaft and it is made from totally carbon fiber

The carbon fiber with this paddle is usually 3K Twill. This means that you will find 3000 filaments of co2 per follicle, and the co2 is woven in a twill pattern which can be attractive and strong.

Best Quality Components

Actual bamboo. You mm solid. Industry leading.
Heat imprinted diamond grooved deck mat by 3M to reduce table weight.
Inlayed SUP manage for easy transportation.
Three dimensional fiber glass for a heavier impact tolerant outer pores and skin with increased general hull power.
Environmentally friendly epoxy resin with 31 natural content ASTM D6866 test.
Standing coating of strengthened glass underneath the deck for more support.
High quality kiln dried out bamboo veneer.
Water centered automotive top quality paint.
FCS leash accessories and b boxes.

Top quality Construction

Sandwich building method.
Cleaner bagging to lessen the amount of epoxy and brighten the panel.
Extra level of fiberglass along the bed rails for extra tightness which protects against nipping if the plank nose delves.
Computerized equipment shaping intended for consistent precise shaping each time.
Followed by hands shaping to get perfection.
B boxes and SUP manage are placed in high density polyurethane foam blocks pertaining to added durability.
Experienced artisans 9. Five yrs upon average.


Excess weight 1 . Four lbs as well as 640 grms
3K Complete carbon base
3K carbonfiberreinforced polymer blade
Teardrop blade form.
Fully adaptable to suit paddlers with different levels and heart stroke styles.
Minimal shaft size 180 centimeter or 70
Maximum the whole length length 230 cm or perhaps 90
Knife Dimensions twenty. 5 By 49 centimeter or eight. 1 Times 19. 3

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